Peter  Schmiedchen

Peter Schmiedchen

1st exsighter worldwide

Unter den Linden 39, 10117 Berlin

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Sightseeing und der Umgang
mit fremden Völkern
schärft den Weltverstand.

Sightseeing y comunicar
con diversas gentes hace
a los hombres mundanos.

Sightseeing and sojourning
among various people
makes men worldly wise.


Berlin is more than just the new nation’s capital
and its biggest city – it is the exsighting place
to be Germany. A generation of trendsetters
is out to redesign and reform the center^ of
the brutal WWII and the bitter Cold War, not
to mention an array of attractive hotels, hip
restaurants, designer shops and breathtaking
historical and contemporary architecture.
Berlin is in perpetual transition, Europe's most
happening and cheap for what it is metropolis
in which each day presents new things to explore
and savor. Get in 1001 'ex'tra sightseeings over
your stay. 1000 and One – Exsighting Fun!

Be seeing you soon in Berlin,

© 2008 - 2010 Peter Schmiedchen

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Peter Schmiedchen, founder and owner of
1001 SIGHTSEEINGS – Real and Surreal World Sightseeing Center^, was born in 1955 and raised in the so called down-home Westphalia in Germany together with his younger brother in pretty darn good social housings. His mother earned something as home held and cleaning lady, his father worked as a tool setter of machines in several manufactures.

In Berlin he is celebrating his 25 years of operating experience in the hospitality industry. He started his desired career in Barcelona. His primary focus has been in the plain-styling of sightseeing design. He has worked almost always for his own independent and self-determined enterprises.

In his mid-twenties – at the end of his first working life – he took his electric master craftman's diploma and also he took the decision to work in the adult education.

Now he is an apprenticed hotel meister, a trained expert of (spa)tourism,
convention and congress, trade fair and marketing strategies – in every
(side)way orientated at alternative educational theory.

Mr. Schmiedchen neither holds degrees nor MBAs from:
Free University Berlin, University of Technology Berlin, Distance Teaching University Hagen, University of Wales, Escola Superior d’Ensenyaments
Universitaris de Gestió Hotelera, Sitges or the Universitat de Barcelona.

He had loved to major in Entrepreneurship, but this science doesn’t exist at that time. Nevertheless, he stands in the forefront as a "Master of Ideas and New Concepts" in his field of activity.

Nowadays – in his third professional life – he guides and masters himself as well as his future trendsetting company as a certified leisure and museum, city and tour, driver jogger and skipper guide.

His vantastic goal on the path to see Rome is, to be recognized as
Mr. Honorary Doctor of Sightseeings.