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Pakistan to Release IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman Today 2

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Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman, the Indian Air Force pilot who is in Pakistan, will be released on Friday.
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday, a little after 4:30 pm. He called the pilot's release a "peace gesture".
Khan said in parliament that India was trying to launch missile strikes on Wednesday night, but they were defused. Sources in Delhi told The Wire that they were aware that Pakistan had told foreign embassies on Wednesday night that India was going to launch missile strikes. According to the sources, Pakistan So what about spreading rumors that the Indian Navy was ready Karachi.
Indian government sources denied these claims, calling them "manufactured news" by Pakistan to create a "was psychosis".
India has not yet responded to Khan's claim that he tried to call Prime Minister Narendra Modi last night. But earlier in the day, Pakistan's foreign minister had sad that Khan was ready to speak with modes. When asked about this offer for a phone call, Indian sources said they had the right atmosphere.
On Wednesday evening, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said the Indian Air Force is happy that Wing Commander Abhinanda is being returned to India. He said that his release is in consonance with the Geneva Conventions.

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