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Summer Conjecture: MVP LeBron Monologue And Then Into The Competition?

LeBron - James, Miami Heat if they can win this award, will allow James from Michael - Jordan closer. His first 10 seasons, LeBron averaged 27.6 points 7.3 rebounds and 6.9 assists, and he does not turn 29 years old, he seems more adapted to his new role. James led the Heat played the best regular season record, about the impact of three consecutive championships. Glenealy three MVP will allow him to join Michael - Michael Jordan, Larry - Byrd, Bill - Russell and Wilt - Wilt Chamberlain. ranks, and five MVP will also allow him tied Jordan, behind only take six MVP Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. We expect him to put on Nike LeBron 11 in the game and then meet brilliant. His career is being ushered in a golden period.
Kevin - Durant maintain an upward trend as long as LeBron and health, may have to adapt Durant ranked second in the MVP in reality. No one can shake this era best scorer Durant's position. His shot looks easy, he is expected to win in the past five years the first four scoring from Carmelo Anthony - who recaptured the title. Unless Thunder Durant let his teammates to become a strong contender west, otherwise he would have lamented living in the LeBron era. Kevin Durant Shoes we hope that he will out new boots. But do not forget, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant in the MVP Award perennial ignored, only won once. OK if you can be like that won a total of nine titles, has been silent fear KD would be willing to go.
Dwight - Howard Lakers Rockets this is his best way to fight back, which he proved himself to everybody made the right decision for us. Howard has been in and big dreams, McHale trained together, if you can master these two masters half the pace of learning, Howard's nightmare will end. Two consecutive seasons plagued by a back injury and a shoulder injury, Howard will be on the floor like a duck. He will once again become a rebounder, defensive player of the year once again become popular, Harden and Jeremy Lin in the side, his scoring average will increase. Many voters will not forget Howard once childish behavior, but if he can lead the Rockets won 55 games or more victories, and in April to become a true contender, he will become the MVP of the potential winners.

Derek - Ross experienced a year and a half after the rest, return to finally no longer only appear in the ad. He did not worry about cruciate ligament surgery, do not worry about whether he could dunk the left foot. Do not listen to those who suggest there may be 10-year career All-Star point guard ahead of comeback, returning Ross will give fans and their own answers. But only 24 years old, he still young enough, you can come back even stronger. Do not forget this guy had MVP trophy in 2011, and since Ross playoffs in 2012 after an injury, many things have changed. Miami has won two consecutive years, found their passwords. Derrick Rose Shoes really his lucky shoes. We hope he can win again. Walker also proved that they, the Nets Reloaded, east will become more intense, but if Ross strong return, we should not be too surprised.

Chris - Paul if the weak Clippers at Staples with a king also considered scores, then Paul is also worthy of an MVP trophy. Everyone knows his talent - great point, highly penetrating pass, hit a jumper, complete defensive steals, but his sense of competition and go all the same attitude to benefit the Clippers. Howard joined the Rockets, Warriors Iguodala detonated after western competition becomes more intense. But Clippers coach Doug - Rivers will make the team in the "to empty the city" based on more practical. That means he will ask Paul to do more, even compared to last year's 56 wins, no progress, they also won the Pacific Division title through to ensure the western front four, and now Paul has been renewed and the Clippers, a good thing to see up only just begun.

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