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Made in China

Hanover, Germany, in 2015 IT successfully ended. From 70 countries and regions, 3400 companies compete, among them the most eye-catching performance, when Chinese companies from the exhibition cooperation partners. More than 760 Chinese technology companies in the collective appearance show the "made in China", "create in China" and "wisdom made in China" the latest achievements, with science and technology power in the international top IT raised the flag of Chinese brands, and the show won high attention.
For example, next to I will introduce this video tool don't have its automatic screening for broadcast function. Sometimes we put the video to the place, with a blend of various formats, players are commonly by adding video manually, it does not automatically recognize a series, such as TV series. May be due to the video is not in a folder or format between different cause you must to find files again to play, so if multiple occurrences of you must feel very tedious, so if the player can automatically on a computer or mobile phone folders automatically find related video what really make people worry a lot, especially the weekend off work very not easy to lie down and enjoy.
Well, maybe as the player is not what the famous electronics giant production, but such a clever set are not those famous players have. When you have the software you lie in bed watching video, there is no need for complicated went to find the video.
In addition, as the player compatible with any format video files, so you don't need to pay attention to format conversion. From now on can easily lie on the bed to watch video, enjoy the weekend time.

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