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2014 maybe the year for Durant

Howard and the Lakers traded for Nash, their ultra-luxury line so many experts and fans began to dream of the regular season 70 wins, but now we finally see clearly, the Lakers were not cut. Currently the league the only question is, who is going to stop the Heat(Nike Lebron 11) from moving forward.

Durant is perhaps the most suitable candidate. Perhaps half of the MVP does not mean anything, but if Durant can really win a championship, then he will become the only one in Washington who won the championship, that time, Durant will and Elgin Baylor also Dave Bin as great.

Durant has three gains the league in scoring in and James, Anthony competition among the MVP race, Durant has his own advantages, the current number of shots per game he is less than James and Carmelo Anthony, but averaged only Anthony less than 0.8 points, 1.8 points to more than James.

Time to examine Durant, Larry Bird taste when we bring the amazing story, Jordan sections from, and when Houqiao Dan era, Bryant(Zoom Kobe 8) appeared in front of everyone. Now Bryant has gradually become the old, Durant and Anthony will be the next took over the mantle of his players, but I will be more tendency to Durant.

In fact, more than one person is talking about Durant's excellent alliance LOTR Bill - Russell in an interview last summer, on the Durant praise, "generally a team in scoring, are often team shot first choice. "Russell said," but Durant(Kevin Durant Shoes) is not the same, he was in the movement to score, I almost did not see him on the pitch, go directly to the hand to find his teammates the ball, this is a super scorer for the league is very rare. "

Now Durant still still progress, begun in 2014, may become Durant harvest season!

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