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Jenny - Buzz: Howard Feels Like To Live Up To

Although Howard has left the Lakers for some time, but this topic is still able to attract people's interest. Recently reporter Ric Bucher the Lakers in a family-related reports revealed that if Buss still alive, Howard probably will not leave, and who served as Lakers coach Phil certainly - Jackson. We still hope that he will put the game in the game of Basketball Shoes.

Although Jim - Bass insisted that he was only in accordance with the father, the intent of Bath in the construction team, but Howard's situation indicates that he missed one. Jim and his team launched a widely ridiculed media campaign --- that pleading Howard left the billboard. Howard left, Jim has said he was not surprised or disappointed. Nike Air Max"He was never a real Lakers, just a passer."

In this matter, is responsible for commercial operations Lakers Jenny - Bath with his brother Jim - Bath ideas are not the same, she said, if the father was still alive, she believes he will convince Howard to stay. "Howard ultimately did not stay very disappointing," Jenny said, "I feel like we let him down."

Obviously, Jim - Bass, Jenny - Bass, Bryant - Bryant, "Magic" Johnson, Phil - Jackson and others have worked hard for Howard to renew, but they eventually failed. In fact, the issue of Howard, the Lakers did not bring any benefit for themselves, they also need to continue to move forward. We all want to see Kobe Bryant put on a good Nike Kobe 8move forward in the game.

Last summer they completed a blockbuster deal that Howard joining the Lakers, but because Howard's contract, making the deal there is a certain amount of risk, and ultimately they are empty-handed. From another perspective, the Lakers also need to let Howard leave, in order to achieve their redevelopment.

Another source said that at that time if Jerry - Bass can stay healthy, and that the Lakers will not succeed with Mike D'Antoni - Brown, they should be appointed as the head coach Phil Jackson. "The Lakers were already preparing to Phil - Jackson quotes, old Buss may not appoint D'Antoni, but he has lost control over."

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