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The Difficulty For Three Consecutive Of Heat

Heat since 2010, after the formation of the Big Three championship has become a most popular, and now they have won two rings, the new season, they directed three consecutive championships. In the " New York Times " columnist this - Borch seems it is very difficult because of the six eastern despots has already done the blocking of their preparation.

The late 1980s, Pat - Riley was the head coach of the Lakers , they were four years in 1982,1985,1987 and 1988 to win, unfortunately , is not a three-peat . Riley is now in charge of the Miami Heat ushered in this bridge , like TNT commentator Steve - Cole said, "Now Zhezhi Miami Heat(Nike Lebron Shoes) and the beginning of time very different , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh injury disease will be their new season's biggest enemy. " so What are the team to give the Heat trouble it ?


1 , San Antonio

If it is not in the sixth of 28.2 seconds was reversed, the Spurs had already won the championship last season , but the reality is so cruel , but from now on, this does not affect the confidence of a champion Spurs . Many people have to say , Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili in the old, the young player experience is not very rich , the Spurs can return that height it?

The answer is yes, as long as there Popovich, the Spurs have been able to maintain a high level of play, Leonard , Danny - Green The two men have proved their ability to outside lines, so the Spurs in the regular season results will not be worrying. Now you see the playoffs, they can bang it.

2 , Thunder

A year ago, because of careful planning, they will sixth man James - Harden delivered a rocket, which makes their bench strength greatly reduced , and to the playoffs, Wei left little more is to give them a fatal blow. Fortunately, as long as Durant(Nike KD Shoes) and Westbrook stay healthy, he is still a combination of two Thunder magic, Oklahoma into the next five years will also remain steady red crown strength.

3 , Clippers

The new championship coach, a new combination of perimeter shooters , leaving the core Paul renewal, while still leaving the Griffin and DeAndre - Jordan, this lineup think are scary. But the Clippers with their biggest weakness have not been able to prove their ability , Griffin dunks at only a stage , a small Jordan will have no defense, he two have not mastered how to play in the playoffs , which Clippers only came in third reason.


1 , Pacers

Pacers in the offseason reinforcement is very right, they signed a backup point guard CJ- Watson, a mature inside scorer Luis Scola and prolific three-point shooter Chris - Copland.

Pacers last season, scoring only 94.7 in the league ranked 23, the three men joined the attack against Indiana gave great help. In addition, Granger will be back, he had to recover from a knee injury. Coupled with the previous rookie Paul - George Walker so very red crown strength.

2 , Bulls

Even without Rose(Derrick Rose Shoes), their immediate concern in last season 's Eastern semifinals, and now the first two season's MVP Rose declared return, before the Bulls would certainly be a great improvement. NOAA is now standing in the team locker room is also very important, and he will be the team 's binder.

3 , Nets

Deron Williams, Joe - Johnson, Lopez, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, this competitiveness full lineup, in addition to their lineup There is also a veteran like John Terry Kirilenko hold the line, the Nets also quickly became champion of popular, of course, the premise is the bench Kidd could ease.

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