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Kobe In New Season

Injury and Illness, all the players are not able to avoid the obstacles, and season on the Cross, and Kobe, even after the operation after a season of Wade, and, to varying degrees, by the sick and wounded of the test. New Season the absolute core of the State as a front is a question mark, in contrast, after the play was particularly noteworthy, but after season a double-edged sword to guard. Because Kobe (Zoom Kobe 8) is so desperate, 3 as one of the figures, as long as he was on the court, it will spare no effort, and that is why it is also starting to worry about the time it is, or adverse.

Over the past few days in China launched a wave of interest, he has been to the place where a lot of The Chase, including his show of his beloved wife photos, as well as his smile, the comfort is also sent over the sick and wounded a panacea for. However, he tuk a new season will be in a better state fans return to demonstrate his confidence. And the inherent personality and charm, but also potentially some hidden problems. Perhaps the black to motivate his fighting spirit, but of the so-called black is more of a pointed out that he was not enough of the sports of the angle, as well as fighting spirit, and I believe that no one will question him, but thought that black people and more stubborn early conquests, it is indeed wrong.

There is no the Warcraft, Howard, the new season of the laker, there are not too many of the air, and in the relevant assessment team summer operation in the ranking Laker(CP 3), is only in the first 19 bits, it can be said that many of the operations of the supplement is not to be the best, and it's all in next year, and in the summer, this is also the team's pressure becomes larger, particularly the older ones the core section, he felt in his heart to bear more of the pressure and heart a double-edged sword is also need to be aware of.

Last season his team to the playoffs, and open-ended war, is in fact the depletion of more than a lot of energy, but also because the pressure of competition and the level of difficulty is only result in injuries early and that is why we stress strong is no longer the only choice, but this is to be personalized unique and powerful, understand it better. The good news is a season there is a very long time, and the more than on the new season on A will be able to get out, and the team coach reasonable use and he is the first element, as long as coach with this point, it will not be otherwise the same NBA many sorrowful Hero's mistake.

The outgoing, Achilles tendon tear after the operation of time may lead to a new season of training camps, and this is indeed some incredible, and high-end of the surgical procedure or a more rational thinking, and many stars are as a result career was cut short, and I hope that the more than do not do this for the choice is good. Hero late and always to have some protection, and, after all, 35 years old, the NBA(Nike Lebron 11) arenas for the 17 season, the team of the internal less influential, you need to heel Donates to the latter part of the VeriSign is good, so that one can also be given to new and his teammates more opportunities, so that the team is more.

Ever since Achilles tendon surgery lead to premature farewell career of players, the most typical of the 32-year-old, Isaiah Thomas concluded his career, the effect of the piston is his team of the brain, aged 20 to 32-year-old struggle, and in the most hot age was sick and wounded the tired, lessons learned enough.

There are good examples of a few of the recovery are good examples, Dominica - Wilkins Viduka back once the outbreak, but the physical, or need more rational is good. In addition I think 2013 - 14 season 10 of the shooting guard forecast rankings, season on injuries of the Weston, for his part, was ranked as the first, but it is also not post-surgery of the season is not the key games, to play a role in but also needs some games teammates help share, the ratio of the post season as needed and as appropriate.

This ranking is the previous, and Kobe was in the log, Ginobili, however carefully and what is not, after all, the two are not too many of the sick and wounded, the log more young, and rockets with Howard, the arm, and is also very good. The Ginobili's position is on the season for the fervor of the great play, as well as his professional career of some laws, injury and illness do not have too much blessing. He is also one of the reasons, so this ranking should be a laugh, and it was all also requires a new season see chapter I, section than to hold.

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