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Bryant Is The True Genius

Hakeem Olajuwon accepted the " slam dunk magazine" Reporter Nice - Jike Si interview. During the interview , Olajuwon praised Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is a genius. When asked which players need his help when training camp, "The Dream " gives two young superstar 's name Blake Griffin, and Kevin Durant .

Olajuwon rarely take the initiative praised the players, but this time he gave Bryant high evaluation. Olajuwon said: "Kobe(Nike Kobe Shoes) is the real genius, his ability to understand very strong, and likes to play inside, he had told me, ' big man like the perimeter, it is because they do not like to stay in the basket. ' Bryant willing in the low , because he wants to be more mobile and flexible, just like we have seen in the past few years, Bryant 's play in the paint to maximize its own characteristics. "

2009 in getting a championship ring, Bryant deliberately come to visit Houston "The Dream ." Miami Heat superstar LeBron James(Nike Lebron Shoes) and Peter Pan is different in 2011 after losing the finals, James took Olajuwon training camp. Turning to James, Olajuwon said: " LeBron's incredibly professional, trained with me three days, he looks in the paint has been great." From the Miami Heat in the course of two consecutive years can obviously see out, then really made James Gifted inner strength has been greatly improved.

While Olajuwon training camp charges a lot of money, but every summer there are a lot of good players into the camp Gifted, such as Howard, Yao Ming ( retired ), Emeka Okafor, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, McKee, Fahd ... when asked what would most like to not appear in the training camp of the players cooperation, "big dream" , said: " I ??think not only the players themselves need my help. Griffin is one, look at him , with excellent explosiveness, but he needs to improve footwork, so help him become more lethal in the basket, so when I saw Griffin's explosiveness, I think if I could teach him these steps, then helped him elevated to another level. "

In addition to Griffin, the Olajuwon also mentioned Kevin Durant(Nike KD Shoes), "Durant is already a super attack hands." Olajuwon said, " but I prefer to see his height advantage more in the low post, this can increase the shooting and causing destruction. Yes, he needs to learn some low skills, learn the words of his offense will become richer and more three-dimensional, it will become increasingly difficult to defend. "

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