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Wade missed James scored 16 points the Heat away loss to the Nets

Eastern two despots collision,Miami away to 62-86 loss to the Nets.
Brook Lopez for the Nets scored 14 points and five rebounds,Joe Johnson 10 points, Paul Pierce 6 points, Kevin Garnett only played 10 minutes scored 2 points . Alan Anderson came off the bench,scored 12 points,Andre Lecce 10 points and seven rebounds .Heat generals Dwyane Wade sidelined.LeBron James Nike Lebron 10 MVP and Chris Bosh each had 16 points, Bosh also grabbed nine rebounds. Heat hit rate only 31% , others have failed to score in double figures.

Nets summer recruiting target the championship,of course,they first had the Heat this off.The two sides clash concern,but now only the preseason,the Heat do not care,let Wade rest.Nets did not let Garnett have too much time playing,Pierce played only 25 minutes.James and Bosh heavy lifting,they arranged the Heat before the 9 points,in the first section of 7 minutes,41 seconds to 9-7 lead.Lopez hook fired at close range,the Nets shot a wave of 7-1 after 14-10 exceeded.Within 4 minutes,the Heat failed to hit a ball,rely on free throws got a point.Until this section there are 3 minutes 19 seconds,the Heat only by the Chalmers break layup.Since they failed to find the feeling,the first section the Heat to 16-24 behind.

Section II played nearly two minutes later,with the Nets two post players,Blatche the ball into the penalty area,behind sudden passing,Nets rookie ball after Pula Bromley dunk with both hands.Nets scored six points,to 30-16 to expand the advantage , the Heat played in this section for nearly four minutes after the first score.James Air Yeezy 2 Shoes feel bad,this section 4 shots 1,Bosh two missed shots.Widening the gap between the two sides in this section have 1 minute 37 seconds,Lopez made two free throws , the Nets 40-22 lead. Jones finally also to a third,James in the end of this section only hit a ball,the Heat to 28-44 behind.

Heat half shot only 31 percent,James scored 7 points, Bosh 6 points.Nets hit rate is relatively better 39%.Joe Johnson,a person would have had 10 points,Pierce three points, Kevin Garnett 2 points.Bosh and James Nike LeBron ST have been shot,the third quarter and 7 minutes and 12 seconds,the third succeeded Chalmers ,the Heat will recover as the score 36-48 .Unfortunately, in the defense, the Heat had no good , they are unable to narrow the gap to single digits.Livingston break layup, Lecce then alley-oop dunk,the Nets also obtained 16 points advantage. Gap between the two sides to reach 20 points,James finally vent to an alley-oop layup , this section have 1 minute 52 seconds when he hit the third,but the Heat still 50-63 behind. After three sessions,the Nets 67-53 lead.

Finally a Heat still unable to narrow the gap to single digits.Griffin shot twice,the Heat will recover as the score 58-69,but Forbes also credited with a third soon.Cole also third succeeded,the Heat last five minutes not shooting,the Nets to a wave of 14-1 end of the game.

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