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Three question marks new season to be solved

Los Angeles Lakers officially confirmed Byron - Scott served as the team's new coach. Tencent front panel of experts reported that Zhang Weiping analysis of the prospects for the Lakers this season, he believes the new season, the Lakers will face many uncertainties, the outlook is not optimistic.

Lakers select Byron - Scott as coach, Zhang guidance think this is reasonable, "the Los Angeles Lakers finally confirmed the coach is Byron - Scott,(Graffiti Kobe 8 For Sale),in fact, this is reasonable, he brought great captain to play with the Lakers and Magic Johnson , is the root seedlings are red Lakers man while he is also a mentor Kobe Bryant when he first entered the league, Scott or the Lakers, he took Bryant as his little brother to take care of, so he and Bryant relationship is very good. Moreover, as coach Scott played the finals twice, the level of coaching is not bad, so do the Lakers coach is reasonable to choose Scott . "

Although the level of good coaches, but the Lakers next season, what can be labeled, Zhang believes the guidance is hard to predict, "Lakers last season, won only 27 games, came to Los Angeles since winning at least one season, the Lakers next season should be bottomed out,(Cheap Nike Kobe 8 Graffiti Shoes),but it can rebound to what level, is hard to say. "

"First of all Kobe can persist long after the return from injury, there is no guarantee 36-year-old Bryant can stick a season. Additionally, coach Mike D'Antoni is known to attack, but the Lakers next season's offensive can not be more than D'Antoni era, from the offensive efficiency and scoring, it is also a question mark. third defense next season will be better than last season, because D'Antoni is 'not just keep attacking,' and Scott led the Nets in the NBA Finals, are guarding against known, but in the last three years coaching resume, Scott brought the team defense are in fifth from the bottom, so what will happen next season, the Lakers defense, but also draw a big question mark. "Zhang guidance for the Lakers next season, drew three question marks.

How will the Lakers lineup next season with it,(Buy Discount Zoom Kobe 8), Zhang guidance analyzed, "should be the starting point guard Steve Nash or Jeremy Lin, shooting guard Kobe Bryant, small forward Nick - Young, power forward Carlos Boozer, center Jordan - Hill. this team league in terms of the former, the defense is not the worst, one of the worst. "

"Ultimately, the Lakers offseason signings and coaches selection work basically come to an end, the new season will be a breakthrough and is not a leap? This is probably too optimistic." Zhang guiding the Lakers are not optimistic about the prospects for the new season.

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