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Spurs training camp two great former champion Tim's turn this time they rejuvenate?

New season training camp in sight, each branch NBA [microblogging] teams are losing no time to determine the final list. According to the United States "bleachers" reporter Jared - Ziwei Lin reported, Corey - Corey Maggette and Mike - Mike Bibby these two veterans have been invited to participate in the San Antonio Spurs training camp.

Maggette is a tough style small forward, has 14 years of professional ball age,(Nike Air Max),who were played for Magic, Clippers, Warriors, Bucks, Bobcats and Pistons and other teams. Last season, he played 18 times on behalf of Pistons, averaging 5.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists.

Speaking Maggette added Spurs training camp, Jared - Ziwei Lin commented: "He is a great locker room player, able to provide the required score Spurs, especially in Bobo Wei odd holiday plans. "

Mike - Mike Bibby was the heyday of the Kings' point guard, but also has 14 years of professional ball age.(Nike Lebron 10). However, since the 2011-12 season, playing 39 times on behalf of the New York Knicks, he would never appear in the NBA arena. Even so, Ziwei Lin is still very optimistic about the prospects for the Spurs Bibby.

"Popovich liked him, I think he has a great opportunity to leave, but because a foot injury, he is still unable to participate in training." He said.

Because of age and injury reasons, the two former star players are clearly competitive state has seen a sharp decline.(Nike Zoom Hyperforce). So for them, if you want to continue in the NBA arena battle to find a suitable team is undoubtedly essential.

As the 21st century the most successful NBA teams, the Spurs have the league today's most sophisticated systems, as well as a stable core lineup. Original - Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson - This two veteran was suspected of being outsiders look bad, but they were later in the Spurs' good performance. So Corey - Corey Maggette and Mike - Mike Bibby whether we can achieve the Spurs "youth", worth the wait!

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