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Rockets beat Lakers

Rockets beat Lakers

Rockets regular season opener away to beat the Lakers 108-90, Harden hit a three scored 32 points, staged the play head-thirds Bryant led the team to play to win.

Rockets against the Lakers, the biggest surprise in this ball than Harden and Bryant's first point guard battle. Once upon a time, Bryant is the number two position of the king, but with the Achilles tendon rupture and subsequent knee fracture, Bryant is considered the altar, while Harden was selected as ESPN and other media serving the first person shooting guard.

The campaign,Orange Blue Custom Nike KD 7 For Sale(Orange Blue Custom Nike KD 7 For Sale), the Rockets did not go after the opening arrangement Harden anti-Kobe, but come Ariza on the bit "Black Mamba", a move apparently to reduce the burden on Harden. Harden very calm, handling the game was not rash, is still good play, outside sudden Shi Leng Jian, breaking fouls, the first section understatement got 11 points, did not appear to even sweat out how.

Harden makes a bad defensive Lakers offensive effortlessly, after the break have the opportunity to singles, attract double teams on the ball, in the eyes of the Lakers defense loopholes everywhere. Before the end of the first 4 minutes and 12 seconds, Harden cut into the penalty area, rushed to double-team the Lakers. Harden very accurate reading defense to send the ball to the basket, Jones got the ball is a mind dunks.

Harden played very easy,(Cheap Nike KD 7 Orange Blue Custom Shoes), simply anything and everything, no matter who is in front of the defender, is an opportunity to feel the shot without hesitation. Section cruised before 4 minutes 42 seconds, Kobe Harden Harden dribble pull back a little into the sky, against Bryant's defense dropped into third. See the ball, the famous lake honey Reporter - Gary Lee push Tetan words: "I hate Harden."

When the first half of Harding Park, Harden played 19 minutes 13 vote 5 free throws under the H-9 free throws in 22 points and five assists. Lakers official website reporter Teludaier was quite helpless on Twitter Reviews said: "Harden, Bryant took the best seats in the first team who had 20+ the first half, Bryant is 16 points."

Meng kill Harden scored first half in the third quarter convergence edge, this section of the shot is not much, persevering Lakers defense too blame, Harden received the same play to score points. Before the third quarter ended 6 minutes 08 seconds, Harden Jones received the ball reached the basket,(Discount Nike KD 7), not only the ball into foul Bryant also manufactured, easy to complete three-point play.

As long as the Lakers attack fails, the rocket hit the back of Harden, the Lakers must do to prepare to lose points. Harden the fight feel better, turn around and eat a single Lin, turned sudden strong manufacturing foul free throws, individuals in this field to score 30 points. After three games, Harden has scored 32 points.

Since the Rockets a big lead, Harden did not play the fourth quarter, a total of 31 minutes played three shot 7 of 17 3-pointers six free throws in Pila 16 15 32 penalty points 1 rebounds, six assists and 1 steal. Since the fourth quarter Harden did, he missed the season opener to break the Rockets scoring record (39 points, jointly held by Francis and Hakeem Olajuwon) opportunities. But this does not matter for Harden, with a wonderful offensive performance is the key to exterminate opponents, at least in this war, Harden played the level of the league's top point guard. Lakers strength really is not strong, but it should not therefore cover Gaiha Deng ATK good facts.

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