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Rocket into the western third largest favorites to win after the Spurs Thunder

With the new season approaching, NBA each team's lineup configuration has stabilized recently, NBA official website for the new fighting season, the Rockets were assessed in the official website seems they have been with the Western Spurs and Thunder(Nike Zoom KD Shoes) under a high, transformed into the favorites to win the team:

1.front A Howard's arrival make the Rocket field combat instant upgrade. Obviously, Howard will most likely leave in the Rockets history of his own magnificent chapter.

2.backcourt B + Harden has to prove to people that he was a superstar player. Jeremy Lin (microblogging) despite no longer being the focus of attention, but it also helps him grow. Meanwhile, Patrick Beverley has also been gaining momentum.

3.defense B- Howard(Basketball Shoes) had three times the Defensive Player of the Year trophy in the bag, his arrival will undoubtedly make the Rocket safer penalty area.

4.bench B Omer Asik will be willing to accept the bench role? We do not consider this question first, veteran Marcus Camby, Brooks and Garcia will be the force to be reckoned with on the bench. B the past two seasons, the Rockets McHale has a small ball tactics on its head, but now they make up into a big man, McHale must make tactical adjustments.

Overall rating: B +

Just a little less than nine months time, the rocket on the formation of a coalition Megatron "magic board" duo, the successful completion of the team's rebuilding. Now, they compete for the Western Conference championship to become the most realistic goals, if they are able to have an excellent chemistry, playing the pick and roll and make good use of the decisive moment Harden free throws, then this rocket even have the ability to challenge the Spurs and Thunder, become one of the best team in the west, but the Rockets should also need a stable power forward.

Experienced depressed the Lakers last season, Howard very much looking forward to the new season to prove himself again, with Harden, Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Beverly and other young people, this make Rocket has become big hits championship(Nike Lebron Shoes) even next season can not accomplish this goal, and that it should not wait too long to Rockets fans.

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