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Kevin - Durant in 2016 will become a free agent, but the Lakers, Knicks and other teams have been playing great football market Adu's idea, which triggered panic inside the Thunder to a certain extent. Thunder star Sergi - Ibaka confirms this point, however, Ibaka also said that there are two years from now in 2016, perhaps too early to talk about the situation Durant free man.

Durant and the Thunder two years left on his contract, worth about $ 40 million, the final year of his contract player option is not set, nor set a team option. In other words, Durant can not advance out of the contract, if he go people say,(Cheap Purple Yellow Nike KD 6), unless the Thunder to trade him out of the team, he needs to wait until 2016 to completely leave as a free man. Now many teams already locked in advance Durant, including the Lakers and the Knicks and other teams.

NBA always plan ahead in terms of the pursuit of a free man, a few years ago will pursue plans to develop, and then proceed to hoard players, improve strength, and clean up cap space. The re-recovered James Knight, back in 2011 had a plan, they intend to hoard young players at the time, and retain some cap space. Such as the summer of 2014 arrived, the Knights only had a small transaction directly after signing James.

The Knicks and Lakers are doing this plan. - Kobe Bryant and the Lakers last season, signed a two-year $ 48.5 million contract, he exposes the summer of 2016 may be retired, the Lakers make $ 25 million in cap space, so the Lakers have the ability to Durant open a top salary. Prior to this, the Lakers have cap space in the summer of 2015 to pursue Greg - Monroe and other strength of players,(Nike KD 6 Purple Yellow Shoes For Sale), increasing the likelihood they get Durant. The Knicks have also been moves.

- Phil Jackson took over the Knicks after it developed a long-term plan. He plans to build the first step in the Knicks' triangle offense, the Lakers hired Department of the coaching staff, the second step is to leave - Carmelo Anthony, the third step is to re-introduce a superstar to build championship team. Jackson now has achieved the first two steps plan, the Knicks from the summer of 2015 began to have enough cap space to help Jackson in the future to pursue Durant et al.

"Of course, although I personally think now about Kevin (Durant) fate too early, but his message will let you leave the possibility of a distraction, let panic within the team,(Discount Nike KD 6), he now has two years contract, we wait for him to become a free man talk about this thing right, time to see what would happen now to talk about some early, we have to struggle as a team, there are a lot of work to do. "Ibaka said.

"He is an adult, he has the ability to plan their lives, but one thing I knew Kevin, he likes to win. Anyway, one thing I'm pretty sure he likes to win, no doubt . "Ibaka said. Like James, Durant is now also trying to develop their own individual market. In a no championship are embarrassed to go out to see people age, there is no breakthrough in the next two years if the Thunder can not win a championship, Durant leave is not impossible.

In Durant era, Thunder playoffs five times, twice rounded out the Western Conference finals, a second medal finals, failed to win a championship. Now Russell - Westbrook has injury problems, which is not a good news for the Thunder.

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