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Pacers defeated the Bucks

Pacers 110-100 road victory over the Bucks, which is the Pacers a four -game winning streak against the Bucks . Walker stayed away two -game losing streak , the Bucks were two -game losing streak . Paul - George cut 32 points , David - West 30 points , Lance - Stevenson 24 points, nine rebounds and eight assists , walkers new aid Turner did not play . Knight comeback 30 points , five rebounds and eight assists for the Bucks .

Paul - George after the All-Star break state brave , two games before the clash with the Bucks scored a total of 61 points .(Black White Air Max 90 For Sale). The field of play against the Bucks , Paul - George 18 shots 10 7 5 three-pointers scored 32 points, 5 rebounds , 3 assists, struggling to catch up in the third quarter when the Bucks will be sent out to the two sharing, Paul - George Lian rate Pacers regained control in the third game , he again repelled by long-range counterattack Bucks in the fourth quarter , the Pacers finally win narrowly avoids being away from home this season 's first three- game losing streak.

Bucks Caron - Butler due to the absence of pain in his left ankle on the game because of a foot injury sidelined Knight comeback . The opening stage of the two teams played inextricably , Bucks score with Knight 's offensive bite . War to the middle of the first section , the Pacers gradually control the game , Paul - George and David - West teamed up to score points , the Pacers get 11 points ahead. Bucks try to counterattack but failed to significantly reduce the points difference ,(Cheap Air Max 90 Black White), the end of the first section of the Pacers to 18-27 behind nine points .

Section II of the war , the Pacers lineup shows the depth advantage, substitute more flowering captains wave blasted 17-4 , extended the lead to 22 points. Knight chopped catch up 7 points to lead the Bucks , Pacers Bucks answered with a 17-7 , in the first half, cruised to chase the score 39-51 .

Knight first three hits, then scored a layup , Middleton even two three-pointers , Ilyasova even take 6 points , the Bucks 19-9 in the third wave of attacks hit , the Pacers lead just 2 points. Paul - George even stabilize the war into three long shots , the Pacers stormed some 11 points ahead .(Buy Nike Air Max 90). Pacers in the third quarter last one and a half minutes without scoring , Bucks chase four points behind the Pacers to 68-75 seven minutes into the fourth quarter .

Lance - Stevenson even take the opening 7 into the fourth quarter , the Pacers get 14 points advantage. Mayo dropped two three-pointers, tenacious Bucks still struggling to catch up . Paul - George and David - West re-debut , and Lance - Stevenson hand in the bombing of the Bucks defense , guarding the lead position . Jedi Knight led the Bucks counterattack , the gap compressed to 7 points. Paul - George pick Lance - Stevenson hit the third ball , before the Pacers pointer with 1 minute 46 seconds ahead 10 points. Bucks powerless, walkers moving steadily away victory.

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