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Official website:the Rocket power tied Thunder become a championship contender

"NBA official website," the Rocket(Basketball Shoes) offseason operation carried out a detailed assessment . Appears in the official website , Houston 's overall strength can reach B level , and has emerged as a strong contender for the championship . It is worth mentioning that , B 's strength rating , fully consistent with the Thunder .

Performance last season : 45 wins and 37 losses . One home 29 wins and 12 losses , 16 wins and 25 losses away

Combat capability assessment
Front : A In the offseason to get Howard, for the rockets undoubtedly a major positive . Obviously, he is the kind of team in the history of the rocket left a strong franchise player .
Backcourt : B Obviously James(Nike Lebron Shoes) - Harden has been one of the league 's elite players in part , as Jeremy Lin , although slightly lower degree of concern , but he also has the ability to threaten opponents . In addition , Patrick - Beverly is also a troublesome guy .
Defense : B- Howard is the third league's best defensive player survives, he soon not only protect the team's penalty area ,can also play defensive help .
Bench : B Asik will be happy to accept the role of the bench? But regardless of the Turks would not willingly come off the bench , Marcus Camby, Brooks and Garcia, these veterans will certainly willing to play the role off the bench , they know how to play their role.
Coach : B In the past two seasons, McHale drill handy to play a small lineup , but with the arrival of Howard , his style of play and perhaps some changes will occur .
Overall rating : B
In less than nine months time, the Rockets completed a large turn over , the team has been privileged Harden with Howard these two players , and set up a set enviable combination. So impressive handwriting also makes the rocket became the western elite team. If they can have full chemical reaction, and to do the last minute to do the pick and roll the ball to Harden , then this rocket has the ability to challenge the Spurs and Thunder , and became one of the best team in the west . It should be noted that the performance of the rocket may still need a stable power forward.

Lakers(Nike Kobe Shoes) last season ,Howard had no bed of roses . so he needed a good season to wash . In McHale 's arm , Howard first thing to do is to further enhance their low skills. Of course, in addition to Howard , the Rockets lineup called brilliant, Harden , Parsons , Jeremy Lin , Beverly ...... presence of these players should make the rocket to become a true champion contender , even if they are unable to do this season that, in the near future will be implemented quickly .

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