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new season transmutation team top 5

After a summer lineup adjustments, which team(Zoom Kobe 8) will complete the rebirth of the new season? ESPN also named its new season transmutation team rankings, topping the list in which knights, robbed Howard rocket is ranked No. 3, the following is a specific ranking.

1, Cleveland Cavaliers
2012-13 season: 24 wins and 58 losses ranked No.13 East
Cavaliers offseason rewarding,they not only take advantage of Bennett won the lottery, but also seek to Bynum,if Owen, small sharks, the new Division champion as well as other players to stay healthy all season,then knights will form one new forces on constitute a strong challenge against the Miami(Nike Lebron 11). Considering Owen as the core of the team, the Cavaliers will undoubtedly have great potential,they are expected to complete the transformation of the new season.

2, Washington Wizards
2012-13 season: 29 wins and 53 losses ranked 11th East
If addressing health, Walter, Bill and Nene trio combination is clearly more tricky than the Cavaliers, the Wizards will be in the new season with a new outlook ,Walter and Bill Spear backcourt this may be the league's most strong young backcourt. Walter has repeatedly promised that he will in the new season to prove that he is a great player for the Wizards, their goal is to burst into the playoffs(Kevin Durant Shoes).

3, Houston Rockets
2012-13 season: 45 wins and 37 losses ranked No. 8 West
Howard soon make rockets quickly became the focus of the league, Harden and Warcraft portfolio's performance makes us look forward, they may be OK to create another version, but the problem is that Harden and Howard combinations can they demonstrate similar dominance? But one thing is for sure, the Rockets have the strongest league pick and roll combination, Harden and Howard's tie will be a nightmare for opponents, this team worth a visit.

4, New Orleans Pelicans
2012-13 season: 27 wins and 55 losses ranked No. 14 West
Supplemented with Tyreke - Evans and Huo Ledi two stars, the Pelicans framework of the new season and has set up and completed,these two backcourt arrows will together with Anthony Davis, leading the team to a new target to attack.

5, Minnesota Timberwolves
2012-13 season: 31 wins and 51 losses ranked No. 12 West
Timberwolves has nine time did not make the playoffs, so the embarrassment is likely to be at an end of the season, if stay healthy, to Timberwolves current lineup, they undoubtedly will wrote the new season brilliant chapter.

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