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the Miami Heat defending barriers,Wade degradation depend too much on James

After Heat win two consecutive years, the momentum amazing ,as if three consecutive years has been a foregone conclusion . But they are also very obvious weaknesses , the U.S. media gave a list of , say,Wade's degradation, the team too dependent on James(Nike Lebron 10), the center position is still the team black hole and so on.

Wade in the past two years to adjust the play , but his obvious deterioration . Wade 's knee injury is old wounds , it is irreversible , has plagued him last season . To this end he missed 13 games, scoring average dropped to 21.2 points, which is the lowest since his rookie season points. Since the past four seasons , Wade 's scoring average has been declining.

Chris Bosh(Nike Dunk) is the Heat's another question.sometimes James downturn,Bosh and Dwyane Wade as the team can provoke the burden.But if Bosh hit the center position,because he was slim body,has become the team's defensive black hole.Heat's rebounding has been a weakness,it is conceivable that their new season rebounds difficult to change .

Team's young players Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole, in recent years has not met expectations , it is difficult to stir up the task. In this context , the Heat had to place undue reliance on James .last season James' body has issued a number of warnings, the new season whether he can hold?

Pat Riley also knows the team's rebounding weaknesses, this summer introducing Greg Oden , it is hoped to make up for this. But in reality, the situation is not optimistic , Oden's knee recovery situation is not ideal , with the Heat coach Spoelstra's words,the date of his return is still uncertain. Another team inside Youdunisi - Haslem older . The reality is that the Heat team age is too large.

Remove the above problems , the Heat have a ticking time bomb. Michael Beasley , the player's talent is no problem, and even can be said that a basketball genius. But his personality problems, Exchange Off Exchange problems continuously , has been swept out of Minnesota and the sun(Nike Barkley Posite Max).If Beasley is still converge in Miami , the team 's locker room will be affected more or less affected.

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