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Lakers training camp will reach 18 players to reduce veteran players playing time

The Lakers held a news conference today that Lakers will sign little Odom and Eric - Boateng, now the team has reached the number of 18 players, general manager Mitch Kupchak said the move was to allow the new season including Kobe Bryant(Nike Kobe 8) ,Pau Gasol the veteran to get more rest, exercise young players.

Lakers held a news conference before training camp to announce will work with small Odom and Eric - Boa Teng take training camp contract, before the Lakers have signed Jordan(Nike Air Max 2014) Farmar, Elias - Harris, Sean - Williams three free agents, will also convene veteran players Vujacic back training, together with the previous Kaman, Nick - Young, the Lakers lineup already overcrowded now, general manager Mitch Kupchak said they will take composed of 18-20 players in training camp to find the new season lineup.

The purpose of this course is to reduce the veteran's playing time, last season precisely because of the lack of bench strength Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol have been injured, in order to prevent the warning, Lakers management had to take such an approach.

Kupchak said before the start of training camp, all the players have returned to Los Angeles began to prepare, including Spain's bid ambassador Gasol(Basketball Shoes) also returned to the team, "I'm back in LA! Return to this side of the world I feel very good, training camp is about to start, I can not wait, "Gasol in his own writing on Twitter, it seems that the previous bid failed, Spain missed the European Championship finals and a series of events did not affect to his mood.

Although training camp began,but the team does not appear core Bryant also temporarily, he is still actively resumed his Achilles tendon injury, Kupchak said that Bryant still in his recovery, as the next game in China, he weather could debut is still unknown.

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