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Lakers may not beyond redemption,four advantages to help beyond last season

Many people are looked down upon Lakers performance of the new season because of the departure of Howard , the NBA's official website does not think so. An analysis of the article in the official website, list the Lakers four reasons why a good performance have a chance to play in the new season。

NO.1 no longer need to please someone. Last season for the Lakers, it is absolutely not normal, from the management to the coaching staff, from Kobe Bryant(Zoom Kobe 8)to the role players, from the fans to the media, everyone unintentional plays a pleasing role. Because Howard unwilling to renew the commitment given, so everyone deliberately to please him, I hope he can choose to stay. This trend make the Lakers locker room atmosphere was very strange, mutual communication between direct and admits becomes insufficient. Now, although Howard's departure for the Lakers lost the inside dominance, but at least everyone can be themselves. Gasol can return to his familiar basket, Bryant shots without worrying about who would be unhappy, Nash can find a better pick and roll partner.

NO.2 Nash restore health state. Nash(Nike Air Max) is not the guy that we are familiar with the last season, he injured seriously in the second regular season, which not only let his body function problems, but also a direct result of the team's run-in with the delays in the formation of a tacit agreement. The new season, as long as luck is not so bad, Nash can make outside of Los Angeles has another addition to Paul's top point guard. D'Antoni is sure to make Nash play a more important role of the commander, and no matter inside of Gasol and Chris Kaman, or outside of Meeks and Nick Young, has the opportunity to play a good performance with the help of Nashville more than last season. Considering after Howard leaving Bryant of the new season the team shots will increase, he was willing to let Nash to organize attacks, he was just playing the role of pure scorer.

NO.3 offensive side of progress. Even in bad last season(Nike Lebron 10), the Lakers are still scored 102.2 points,firepower sixth place in the league. Despite the loss of Howard averaged 17.1 points, but considering Gasol's attack will be liberated, with Kaman's ability to vote, the Lakers in the paint firepower will not weaken. Outside, the Lakers got Farmar and Nick Young, the two players have a good ability to score. Plus D'Antoni run and gun tactics in training camp will instill better to players,next season averaging will definitely increase the number of rounds, the Lakers on the offensive end of the performance will certainly be a significant improvement.

NO.4 defensive side of progress. Lakers lose third DPOY winner Howard, but they also welcome back former assistant coach Rambis, a dedicated expert to build a defensive system. Last season the Lakers team defense is almost zero, in addition to relying on the player's individual defense capabilities, can not give the opponent's attack manufacture any trouble. Rambis value lies in his ability to establish an effective system of the Lakers, even Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Nick Young also will not bring about a significant weakening defense. Of course, do not expect the Lakers never become a tough defensive team, but as long as they do better than last season is enough.

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