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Lakers legend: Warcraft harder than Zhan Huang Fei Xia he is very good but it is difficult bearing pressure

According to " Lakers insider," reported the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason this year, lost Dwight - Howard , which for them is undoubtedly a huge blow. But Lakers legend James - Worthy recently said in an interview , Howard can not become LeBron - James, Kobe Bryant - players like Kobe Bryant , Lakers center he did not meet the traditional requirements, so have nothing to lose .

The Lakers lost to Howard this summer , but in 2014 they actually have a good salary flexibility. Some experts predict that the Lakers in the next year in July there will be a lot of cap space , you can go chase good players, including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony - , Zach - Zach Randolph , Chris - Bosh, Rudy - Gay and Luol - Deng et al .

Commenting on whether the Lakers Worthy attract top players ,(Nike Lebron 10),it means : "I personally think that Los Angeles is an ideal place , but I do not know how the other players in the league want Howard to come here only went one year in Houston , Texas . "

Howard signed with the Lakers in five years, $ 118 million maximum salary , but he eventually went to the rocket , just signed a four-year $ 87.6 million contract . Even less 30 million , he chose rockets. But Worthy said Howard left nothing .

Worthy said: " I'm not familiar with Dwight this person, so I can not say that they are like him or not like him from my past experience, he was not ready and he has seven feet tall , is a sports big capacity , can easily get 18 points and 12 rebounds in the data, which is impressive , but in the past , I have seen people like Moses - Malone as the work day after day , even as Bill - Cartwright , he is also a truly efficient man, because he really is a disciplined guy , but you can not be a critical period in the game ball to Dwight , because he does not throw the ball . "

"Previously, Jerry - West always liked watching the players warm up training,(Nike Air Max), I also learned that he do so. Often, I will see Howard great Kareem practice in midfield , trying to entertainment people around and I see it, thought, ' you should go to practice free throws ' . " Worthy said," I used to see something like Moses - Malone kind of guy , to see how they are ready to play . "

"Dwight seems to become a dominant player some lack of interest , " Worthy said, "I do not think he can become a Minglebulang , Kobe Bryant or Kareem or Hakeem Olajuwon kind of player he is a good player, a very efficient defender, but I do not think he is ready to withstand pressures up in Los Angeles to play a lot of pressure to bear , he saw an add James - Harden team's chances, but he is also a character players. came to Los Angeles a year , everyone wants him to stay . "

When a reporter asked if Howard stay healthy, he is able to overcome these pressures to adapt to everyone's expectations , the Worthy said: "He used to have a lot of such things , in Orlando , he does not like the coach would not let him play with low singles .(Kevin Durant Shoes). I do not blame him, nor that he was not working hard , he does have a back injury , and I thank him for the team to do the job , but he does not meet the Lakers center has been a model , that is, in the past we see that . "

Commenting on the new season, the Lakers ' starting lineup , Worthy said that difficult to choose . "It is very difficult, I like to let Paul - Gasol and Jordan - Hill played together , I think Chris - Kaman was the replacement . Bryant and Steve Nash is definitely a starter, other location Well, I think Kobe will play the two position , three position is still open with the . "

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