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Kidd $ 500,000 purchased Nets shares,coach become team owners

According to the "New York Post" reported that the Nets new coach Kidd will spend $ 500,000 buy rap superstar Jay-Z(Air Yeezy 2 Shoes) in the hands of part of the team shares. That is, not only the next season Kidd Nets is the team coach, but also the team's small business owners.

This summer, Kidd has experienced life identity transformation fastest months. First, in the earlier, Kidd announced his retirement, ending his Hall of Fame career. Shortly after retirement, Kidd won the favor of his former Nets, became the team's head coach in Brooklyn. And now, Kidd will be the addition of a new identity, that is, the Nets small business owners.

Why can simultaneously Kidd Nets coach and small business owners have two identities ? First in the NBA(Nike Kobe 8) rules, NBA coach has the team's shares, which is being allowed. The shares purchased by the Kidd, is from the previously announced its entry into the field of rap superstar broker Jay-Z.

Jay-Z already owns the Nets 0.1608% of the shares, but in the summer because he announced the establishment of brokerage firms, and shortly before the signing of the NBA superstar Durant(Kevin Durant Shoes), as their customers. And the NBA expressly provides, brokers can not have any team shares. To this end, Jay-Z, the Nets can only sell their shares.

In the sale process, Kidd contacted Jay-Z, I hope he was able to sell part of the shares themselves. According to insiders revealed that Kidd will buy Jay-Z, the Nets shares in the hands of 0.067%, with a total value of $ 500,000. Although the share is not that much, but as long as Kidd complete the deal, he will become the Nets small business owners. Moreover, the Nets the other shareholders, but also very supportive of the team Kidd buy shares, hoping transactions can be completed as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that, Kidd and Jay-Z relationship between the two has always been very close. That year, it is a gathering, Kidd persuaded Jay-Z to buy the Nets as part of the shares. And Jay-Z's took over, it did increase the visibility and Nets star appeal. Now, Kidd has become a buyer, Jay-Z must also pleased to sell shares in the hands to friends.

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