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Kardashian Odom arrested from the site that angry ultimatum

Affair , drug abuse, drunk driving , along with Lamar Odom in a fallen farther and farther down the road , not only of his NBA career prospects dimmed , even his marriage was on the rocks : intolerable wife wearing Kohler • Card Alexandra has issued an ultimatum to Odom : either drug , or to divorce.
It is reported that Odom at the weekend was due to drunk driving detention became the " last straw that breaks the camel ." After the occurrence of this incident ,(Nike Air Yeezy 2),Odom was not the first time to the Kardashian and his lawyer call until a U.S. website leaked the news after the Kardashians, knows this, and therefore very angry .
While this celebrity couple in just this past weekend has been a long four hours of conversation , but the result is not satisfactory. According to informed sources , Kardashian Odom current whereabouts could not control , but also do not get any feedback , which makes both the marital relationship is difficult to continue. Therefore, there is news that intolerable Kardashian Odom has issued an ultimatum to clear : either undergoing treatment ,(Cheap Air Yeezy 2 For Sale), or to end the marriage.
Odom, who recently occurred in a series of events clearly affects the hearts of many people , including the Los Angeles Clippers last season as coach Negro . In the recent interview with the "Los Angeles Times" interview, Negro publicly expressed Odom behind . " He is not only a good man, but also a great teammate ." He said, " Everybody liked him, but I can understand his current situation , it is very difficult. Lamar has been experiencing some difficulties and setbacks , but these have caused him tremendous pressure. I express my sadness , but also hope that his condition as quickly as possible . "
Recently,(Derrick Rose Shoes), an unnamed NBA team general manager stated: " Lamar Odom 's NBA career has thus concluded ! " For this point of view , Negro obviously can not agree . " Lamar can continue to play ." He then said , "Now the biggest problem is not his body basketball as long as he was able to get back in shape and the state, and renewed attention to the basketball above , he is still able to give the team bring help . "

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