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James Super Rod conceal embarrassment, he was Pierce Divine spike

Heat away 62-86 negative Nets , James III staged super rod, campaign scored 16 points , Pierce shot but inaccurate passing meritorious deeds , led the Nets to win.

James had admitted in an interview that he NBA career 's biggest rival is not Kobe Bryant is not Durant , but Pierce . Whether knight or heat period, James and Pierce has Sike experience , the two track scores up to 10 years called enemies .

Although Pierce has been transferred to the Nets , but he and James did not diminish hostility . The campaign 's first section , the Nets with Joe - Johnson and James Pierce turns defensive , "Emperor" murderous hit back twice turned back jumper combination . Pierce difficulties, physical confrontation with James escalating fast break in a defensive and " Emperor" head-on , hit James threw , Pierce 's vicious and not because of age and cuts.

Nets vs. James very unfriendly ,(Nike Lebron 10),the ball whenever he hears boos. For fans of James Pierce is to inspire hostility , although he slow but gradually into the state , especially in moving the ball played a veteran 's experience and technical advantages. The first section before the end of three minutes and 13 seconds , Pierce scored a goal at first difficult turnaround jumper , followed by a very chic perimeter after the ball toss , the ball flying into the empty cut accurate basket Brac hands , Brad odd easy dunk, the pass lead Nets fans standing ovation .

James, a strong desire to attack after the opening , but as the race progressed , he seemed too " casual " is often a ball over the halftime spread out , with little impact on the basket , even if the shots are mostly in the distance , 24 seconds time exhaustion had voted , less on the murderous opposite Pierce . Nets highly targeted defense, also set up obstacles for James offensive . Section 1 minute 23 seconds before the end of an attack is very telling , James Breakthrough rushed to the inside , the Nets began to attack from beyond the arc , when the " Emperor" to kill people near the foul line containment . James really does not flush the body out of balance only in the last case of the ball, although James - Jones dropped the ball , but the attack can still see James dilemma.

Pierce was significantly more intense fire fight ,(Kevin Durant Shoes), especially in the passing on known better than to round James . During the second quarter , Pierce frequent high post , first cut pass from Livingston scored two points , followed accurately find the middle onrush Lopez , Nets center to help the manufacturing Heat fouls.

In Section 4 James shot just one in the first half to get 7 points , 3 assists, 3 turnovers occurred . Pierce does not feel good in a half four , but there are four assists offer . In Pierce 's organization, the Nets halftime lead 16 minutes.

Section III started, James finally show the strength of the league the first person , a single 9 4 got 9 points . Section cruised to the first 3 minutes and 27 seconds , James completion of this course the most exciting one blow. Chalmers sent a long pass under fast dribble , James received the ball into the sky , a significant lever Skywalk , gliding from one basket to the other side of the layup. Pierce still feel bad , but he answered with a ball "Emperor" , a single three assists,(Nike Air Max), including fast-break pass from Brac empty dunks sensational .

James, as usual, did not play in the fourth quarter , game 15 7 won 16 points, 5 rebounds , 4 assists and 1 steal . Process from the competition point of view , James commissioning its own technology , today practiced primarily through combat training fade aways , this is the preseason for the " Emperor" is all about. Pierce did not debut in the fourth quarter , campaign 8 2 ( 4-7 three-pointers in a ) get only six points, but he contributed six rebounds and seven assists to help the Nets with precise passing won this strong strong dialogue .

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