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James most admire Jordan Iverson,fear of failure is the biggest psychological barrier

LeBron James(Nike Lebron 11) recently said in an interview that he likes to watch a lot of video games,then see who's race more? Michael Jordan,as well as Allen Iverson.

"I see Michael Jordan's game to make more than others,no doubt,"James said,"but I often see the Iverson's tape.I did not learn anything from Iverson,well,there is the same thing- his will,they say he has six feet high, but in fact,Iverson is only about 5 feet 10 inch and a half,ho about we still talk about him only one hundred and sixty or seventy pounds? but he played like a six -foot 8 shooting guard,he is one of the best ever finisher,you can never question his commitment,he will always make every effort.Iverson is the process of growing my second favorite player behind Michael Jordan."

For Jordan(Air Jordan Shoes),James think the basketball gods who are most worthy of his own learning his fearless spirit."MJ is not perfect, he has played a bad game,he will be mistakes,there will be time to play a less than satisfactory,but I think the greatest thing is that he is never afraid of failure," James said."it is also my opinion that he could be so critical to the success because he did not care how people comment on him.never fear missed the winning ball,and never worry about mistakes, never fearful."

James admitted that although he has harvested four MVP trophy,won the championship for two consecutive years,but still afraid to fail."That was one of my biggest psychological barrier, I was afraid of failure," James said,"I too want to be successful,so I became afraid of failure ."

Before win the championship in the seventh season of his career,Jordan has often been criticized personally offensive capability class but teamwork is not enough.And James situation on the contrary,before he's first trophy won,critics thought he was too stressed teamwork,like Jordan(Nike Air Max) needs more resolute.

"Those called basketball experts like LeBron became Bernard Gold.I'm not Bernard gold,"James said, "I'm not a pure scorer,it is not my play style,I like to do a bit of everything,when I was in Cleveland for the third or fourth year,I played over averaging 31 points in the performance,but that did not help us achieve anything,I worked as the league in scoring,people forget this fact. "

That compared to James scored,learn how to do a leader is more important.He said he realized Dwyane Wade for the Heat champion plans sacrifices,so called by critics blame that he is no longer before Wade.As long as James found Wade depressed,he will as much as possible to ensure Wade get the ball.

"This is to let him know he still has the strength," James said,"you are still the D-Wade,no matter how people say,you can still do it."

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