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James gym training hard show explosive muscle

August 8, James(Nike Lebron 10) uploaded a video of his hard training at the gym, in the video,James show his explosive muscle.

Do you want to see how James(basketball shoes) usually train in the gym? This may be a lot of fans are eager to see a scene, and now their dream came true. James uploaded this video in which some of his training details clearly visible. And make so many people hooked. James is also write text on the video, "In the morning when I workout at the gym inside, @ Mike Muncie Elias tried to kill me, but all is good, because I really like the workout ecology at the gym, I believe that hard work pays off. "James said this on the net.

Mike Muncie Elias James mentioned was his personal trainer, in the past many years, Mike Muncie Elias bring James a big help. In the beginning of this video is James(Nike Air Max) lifting dumbbell, the Heat star wearing a gray corset , lower body is a white colored shorts. While his hands inside are two little quite weight dumbbells, but James stunning physique, in the face of these two dumbbells did not fear, on the contrary he was holding it quickly back and forth moving. The upper arm muscles seems quite powerful in his dumbbell back and forth up and down among .

In addition to showcasing his lifting dumbbells while training actions, James has shown his back power training, he stood alone in front of fitness equipment, with the upper and lower arm waving, James developed back muscles show up, under gray tights clothes, James's body looks more Madden.

As James said: "Hard work pays off," I believe so hard with his efforts, James will have a perfect performance this new season.

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