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James dunks empty sky roared halftime zero! How he was?

Heat away 82-100 negative Wizards were preseason first defeat , James dunks half three times to get 10 points , the second half two not cast into "eat duck ," led the team failed to reverse the war.

James in preseason performance is not stable , so he was not questioned offseason training systems lead to poor state . James himself admitted still adjusting , but his actual play of view, the physical condition is not ideal period is over , he is now more of a debug touch, explore more efficient attack mode. James has said that if the new season to reach 60% shooting will be great ,(Nike Lebron 10),it was his preseason shooting further enhance the efficiency of the training field .

The first three preseason games with different half James campaign rarely outside shooting , attacking areas are mainly concentrated in the basket , with particular emphasis on fast break opportunities. Whenever the Heat instigated back , James led the way are run ahead . Shortly after the opening , Chalmers steals , James quickly reached under the Wizards restricted areas. Chalmers Shoujiyankuai ball separation , James split button into the sky with one hand , so that the ball can not help the Wizards home fans standing ovation .

The half empty then opened a James dunk show off his attack the rim in the second quarter there twice , first in the back complete the back button , then receive Bosh passing empty then split again with one hand buckle, landing sky roared daring .(Zoom Kobe 8). James not only their own buckle cool , but also for Wade the opportunity to create a high-altitude operations . Towards the end of the first half , James observed outside the ball , Wade cut along the baseline empty basket . James throw the ball a ball in the Wizards players watched accurate flew above the rim , the ball flying into the sky Wade dunks Jijingsizuo is a mind .

James not only to buckle , and he also showed subtle footsteps. In the first section of the first attack , James dribble step back swung open space , followed by a shot fake cheat defender off , followed by a skip step forward shooting shot. Although this interference not dropped the ball , but James 's series of footwork to fill the gap .

Half of Harding Park , James 7, 5 to get 10 points and 4 assists .(Kevin Durant Shoes). Drastic changes in the third quarter , the Heat suddenly will not play, defensive baggy Gemini by Wizards Wall and Bill will get seven hundred and eight rushing defense chaos . James's desire to attack began to decline , sect fired two goals are not in the cast will no longer be shot. Wizards quickly widened the lead to double digits , the Heat routinely replaced starters , James performance today to an end.

Match, James 9 5 get 10 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, 0 failed to score in the second half two . After all, only the preseason , James, or " closing the" fight, get a feel on it , no need to polish the bullet and bayonet opponents Sike . Wizards compare today's fierce defense , once too intense physical confrontation led to injuries, for James, is worth the candle . Half zero do not worry , it's just James doing warm-up for the regular season only.

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