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George's goal the league first small forward

Although the Indiana Pacers 102-106 yesterday away lost to the Portland Trail Blazers , but their star Paul George has scored a career -high 43 points. Undoubtedly, young George is small forward toward the league into the goal .

"I feel now compete with Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant(Nike KD 6) and LeBron James ." George said after the game , "I did not belittle or league Bartum other small forward meant , but I feel they ( Anthony, Durant and James(Nike KD 6) ) is my goal to catch up with competitors as well as . "

Yesterday's game, George almost single-handedly led the Pacers win away , and he bit Batum audience voted 2 to 5 only eight points , and eat five fouls. Due to the defensive end has invested enormous energy and fitness , Frenchman clearly laboring on the offensive end . Even so, he still can not stop the pace of George forward.

"I remember he had been so hard on the field but also had a defensive guy , and spent a lot of his strength, but he is still in my head got 30 points , that person is Tracy McGrady(Nike Kobe 8) ." Batum after the game gave George a very high evaluation . "At the time I felt pushed hard on the defensive end , but Tracy McGrady is still able to score tonight , Paul - George also did a great job he did , I tried to stop him , consumed his fitness , but he still dropped into it. Some very difficult ball and you have to pay tribute to him , he is a MVP level player . "

" I feel this will take time ." George said humbly , "Although I have confidence , but still need to continue to learn. Even if I got 43 points in this game , but for me this is still a learning process and I can still do better , and help the team win the game I am currently still far from reaching its peak . "

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