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ESPN prediction Eastern Conference champion: Heat four-peat

Basketball authoritative media ESPN continue to introduce new season preview series. In the eastern championship predictions,Miami undoubtedly received the highest number of votes,walkers ranked No. 2, Bulls and Nets ranked No.3 and No.4.

1, the Miami Heat
Heat last season, played 66 wins and 16 losses a great record, and successfully defending champion. Expected that the next regular season record: 60 wins and 22 losses.
Leon: As long as James (Nike Lerbon 10) to stay healthy and in peak condition, then Miami will continue to dominate the Eastern Conference.
Luo: Eastern now have no team can close to contend Heat. Unless there is the team to beat the Heat, otherwise I will continue to be able to bet on Miami. I predict that the Clippers or Rockets and Heat will rendezvous finals.

2, the Indiana Pacers
Pacers regular season record of 49 wins and 32 losses, hit Eastern Conference finals(Kevin Durant Shoes). Expected that the next regular season record of 54 wins and 28 losses.
Hoffman: Pacers continue to grow and become more experienced. Hibbert has been training hard this summer, he will become very dangerous.
Bana Wall: Pacers is the Miami real opponents in the east, in addition, I can not think of any team can compete with the defending champion.

3, Chicago Bulls
Bulls regular season record of 45 wins and 37 losses, the second round of the playoffs. Expected that the next regular season record of 55 wins and 27 losses.
Rifkin: If the Bulls can stay healthy, then there is no doubt that they are the best team in the eastern. When Rose(Derrick Rose Shoes), Deng, Noah and Boozer both healthy, the Bulls won 85% of the game.
Donne: If Ross returns to MVP standards, and Butler continue to grow, then the Bulls will not be afraid of any team. No one can be sure said will be able to beat the Bulls .
Kofi Stewart: People so quickly forget the bull's competitiveness, which is ridiculous. To know the Bulls will soon celebrate their MVP, they have the league's top three good coach, this is still the top teams in the east.

4, the Brooklyn Nets
The Nets made regular season record of 49-33, but eventually stop the first round of the playoffs. Expected that the new season record for the regular season: 53 wins and 29 losses.

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