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Celtics beat Nets

The Celtics opened today at home opener, against Kevin Garnett led the Nets. Rajon - Rondo scored 13 points and 12 assists comeback, the Celtics scored in double figures eight people, and ultimately to 121-105 Kuangtu Nets, made a good start.

Rondo had suffered a broken left hand, but he eventually caught up with the rapid recovery opener, a game the first half,Cheap Oreo Air Jordan 6,his teammates dedicated connection, half sent nine assists. The second half Rondo then enhance personal attack, even with a fine cast contributed 11 points. Full match Rondo scored 13 points and 12 assists in his go-between, the Celtics scored in double figures for up to eight people, made a good start.

Deron foul free throws opened the scoring inside and outside the bloom Green and Bradley fired back, the Celtics 5-2 lead. After the two sides on all words Garnett hit a jumper, the Nets will chase the score 8-10. Celtics team with the hit rate is quite high, Orly Nick thirds dichotomy Shoudaoqinlai Glenealy 7 points in the Celtics shot a wave after wave of attacks 14-5 lead expanded to double digits, 24-13 . After both the rotation of the second team, the Celtics offensive unabated, the first section 13 of their 22 shots is quite efficient, Bath jumper after the end of the first quarter,Air Jordan 6 Oreo Shoes For Sale, the Celtics 32-23 lead. Rondo single sent five assists, but no shots.

Second section of the war, after Bass dunks with both hands inside, outside bayan Taylor Bulatovic third hit, then the two sides set off on all words, the Celtics always clasped 10-point lead before halftime 5 minutes 03 seconds, Garnett assists Jeter after the vote succeeded, the Nets 38-48 behind. But then the Nets completely misfiring attack, in which five minutes before halftime time making mistakes, just get 3 points. Celtics are showing unstoppable momentum, play a wave of 19-3 spurt in after the Celtics to 67-41 halftime lead with 26 points. The Celtics shot up 61.3 percent in the first half, the Nets are only 39%. Joe - Johnson half scored 10 points, Rondo 2 points and 4 rebounds and nine assists.

Easy side battles,Air Jordan 6, the Nets are not a big deficit negative competition, still sent all the main against, Deron and Bogdanovich were meritorious deeds will be sent out to 21 points. Nets this section offensive efficiency has improved, with the Celtics playing on all words, focus assists in the first half, Rondo also added a personal attack, this section of his personal scored 9 points. Nets will be worse once reduced to less than 20 points, but they always failed to curb the Celtics offense, the Nets to 31-34 behind this section, section three ends, leading the Celtics to 101-72 29 minutes.

Distal start Nets launched a strong counterattack, Williams and Jack double guard combination is very effective, they led the team blasted 12-2 start will be sent out to 19 points, 84-103. Rondo Since then hit consecutive jumpers and sent assists, Green Army respite. After Garnett re-debut assists Joe - Johnson Biao in the third, the Nets will chase the score 97-112. Bradley succeeded in casting containment Nets counterattack pointer with 2 minutes 52 seconds, the Nets pulled all the main game become a waste of time, and ultimately defeat the Nets 105-121.

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