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Blazers seven-game winning streak Garnett comeback Nets home defeat

Nets re-tasted defeat fruit , home to 98-108 loss to Portland Nike SB Dunk.Blazers ( 9-2 ) to obtain the longest seven -game winning streak in six years . LaMarcus Aldridge scored 27 points and eight rebounds most , Wesley Matthews 24 points and six rebounds, Damian Lillard 19 points and nine assists Robin Lopez 6 points 7 rebounds. Bench Mo Williams 12 points.

Nets Nike Air Max ( 3-7 ) two -game losing streak in the Atlantic Division bottom. Shane Livingston scored 23 points,Kevin Garnett 16 points and eight rebounds, Paul Pierce 11 points , Joe Johnson 13 points. Alan Anderson 11 points, Andre Lecce 10 points. Brook Lopez sidelined , unable to grips with his brother on the floor .

Portland has experienced two consecutive disappointing season , and so far , they become the leader in Northwest . Outside back feeling is an important reason for the Blazers game winning streak . Blazers last season, three-point shooting only 35.3 percent , while the new season increased by 10 percentage points , averaging more than last season, scored seven points. In the previous six -game winning streak , they point shooting rate of 46.4% .

Since December 2007 , the Blazers Air Jordan 5 Fire Red have never had seven in a row , this time, they launched the attacks . Nets their injury , Deron Williams , Brook Lopez ,Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett both missed the last game , the original lineup only Johnson a person . Pierce and Kevin Garnett returned to the starting lineup today , but less Williams Nets , though, is playing at home , also failed to account for much cheaper.

Trail Blazers Air Jordan 5 Bel-Air first section hit a five three-pointers, but the Nets hit rate is extremely high, 14 of 19 shot this section , 11 of 10 free throws , this section after the Nets to 40-31 lead.Nets failed to maintain such a high hit rate , sect constantly missed shots , Portland several times to close the gap to 56-63 at halftime behind only .

Section Blazers threes 5 vote total loss , but the Nets failed to hit a record one-third . Home team hit rate is still falling , this section only to hit a total of three goals , a single only 15 points. After three sections the Blazers to 83-78 lead.

Nets last one is still unable to find the feeling , this section played three minutes later, they just hit a ball , the Blazers to 95-82 to expand the. Williams replaced starter Livingston although doing well, but the Nets still deeper and deeper. In this section there are 7 minutes 11 seconds , the Trail Blazers to a 101-87 lead, although since then they have since failed to hit a ball, but constantly free throws , the Nets failed to narrow the gap to nine points or less .

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